Words and music by Chuck Lorre. This song was written for the episode where Douglas laments the musical career he might have had. With a montage I added from Dharma and Greg, it’s a tribute to five great years on a wonderful show. With Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson, Susan Sullivan, Mitch Ryan, Mimi Kennedy, and Juliet Lewis.

The original, Everything Happens To Me, was written by Tom Adair and Matt Dennis. I changed the lyrics to make this a song about the trials and tribulations of Douglas Brackman, Jr, and added a montage from various episodes that illustrate how Douglas was either pushing the rock uphill, or running downhill with the rock chasing him. Everything happened to him.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is as American as pumpkin pie. It's a genuine thrill to participate. The good and bad news is that it snowed for the first time on Parade Day. It was incredibly beautiful. Stunning, with those amazing balloons and floats waiting for their cues to move. The snow still pristine. But I’ve never been so cold.

From an episode of an obscure show, J.J. Starbuck that starred Dale Robinson. Directed by Kim Manners and written by Randall Wallace who later wrote Braveheart, this edited montage emphasizes the comedy. But if you believe, feel free to send the Pasban all your money.