In the Judges chamber, an after hours meeting between the prosecution and the defense, with the intent of keeping the trial on track. With Jennifer Finnigan, Kimberly Elise and Bruce Davison.

Here’s my NC-17 clip. Tony Moss lays it on the line. And he’s not politically correct. Tony would not be a big favorite with the women on The View. He’s all about the show. If you can’t cut it, you’re out. “See ya!” With Elizabeth Berkley, Patrick Bristow and a lovely chorus of hopefuls.

My daughter’s dead. Accident? Or murder? I have my suspicions. And share them with the investigator. By the way, I’m wrong. With Paul Guilfoyle.

From the L.A. LAW reunion movie. A tender scene with Douglas and his son, Jason. It’s not often we see Douglas vulnerable, admitting mistakes and expressing love for his son, or anyone else. With Jason Peck.

From the short film, TAKEN. Kidnapped and held for ransom. Is he a stranger? Or is it an inside job? I urge my wife, (an off-screen Mimi Kennedy) to cooperate with the kidnapper’s demand. Give him the money. She’s not that enthused.

From the L.A. LAW reunion movie. Abby comes back to the firm looking for revenge at having been passed over for partner. Douglas refuses to back down. With Corbin Bernsen, Susan Ruttan and Michele Greene.

Children, they can be so aggravating. My college age son has impregnated his girlfriend. Neither he nor I are gracious about accepting responsibility. With Brian Austin Green and Faye Grant.