New Short Film

I’ve recently posted a fun little film on YouTube. Check it out below and let me know what you think!



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The (menacing) voice of Norman Osborn

All of you Spider-Man fans out there may be interested to know that I currently voice the role of Norman Osborn in the animated series “The Spectacular Spider-Man” on the CW (for kids) network.

To learn more about the show, check out the below link:

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My solo show:

Recently I performed my one person show. These are the opening scenes:


1962. I’m a student at The Wharton School of Finance. The war, and the draft are just beginning to impinge on our consciousness. Along with school, the future, getting a date for Homecoming, where to have dinner. Classes, studying, and having fun; all the things college kids think about.

“Rach, go long!”
I take off, looking back at my friend holding the football about to launch a long bomb to me. A long bomb because I’m running way out there. What’s he waiting for? Suddenly, crash! I’m falling. “Hey, what the fuck are you doing? Jesus, are you blind? Hey, idiot.” I see uniforms. I extricate myself from the entwined arms and legs. My friends are laughing. It’s an R.O.T.C. exercise. The Reserved Officers Training Corp. My friend estimated the trajectory of their march and my run for the ball. “I’m sorry,guys sorry, really sorry”. I jog back to my friends. “You fuckin idiots”. They think this is hilarious.

I can’t study. Too many things on my mind. Too many worries. I put on crazy clothes I picked up in a thrift store. I go from room to room in the fraternity house. ”Hi, I’m Horace P. Shmedly. I write for the Sanitation Workers Monthly. I’m doing a story about Ivy Leaguers and what they’re gonna do with their college education. So, what are you gonna do? You going into your father’s business? Really? Very interesting. Tell me something, What would you do if he didn’t have a business? Wait! I’ll tell you. You’d be fucked. You’d be working with me in the sanitation department. No offense.” When I’m kicked out of that room, I go to the next room. No surprise I ain’t making dean’s list.

“Alan, do you want to go with me to the factory today.”
That’s my father. He’s got a food manufacturing business. Ice cream toppings, Cake decorations, Fruits and Peels. My job is working the chocolate sprinkles machine. When the machine spits out the sprinkles, I have to be there with the plastic cup. Spit/cup. Spit/cup/ Spit/cup, Spit/cup. Every Saturday, through grammar and high school.
“Alan, do you want to go to the factory today.”
“Not really.”
“C’mon, you’ll love it. We’re going. Let’s go. Let’s go Let’s go.”
You don’t argue with my Dad.

He lives in a hotel near his factory; a hotel I never see, and comes home on the weekend. Why? I don’t know. I’m 11 when my mother dies of cancer, Dad moves back into the house.

I have a secret. I want to be an actor. I tell my Dad.
“Clark Gable. That was an actor. Are you a Clark Gable?”
I think “There are a lot of actors who aren’t Clark Gable. Maybe I can be one of them.” After this, I tell no one.

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Hello, and welcome to my blog. I will be using this forum to post notes to my friends and fans as well as samples of my writing. Be sure and check back often!



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